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Every company that is scared of Ransomware:

  • needs a Virtual IT Security Auditor.

  • needs EDD-i.

Cybersecurity & Efficiency

Scalability & Flexibility

Collaborative Approach



mpower Your Cybersecurity Journey."

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Auditing Services

EDD-i is your Virtual IT Auditor (VITA)

To achieve this objective, EDD-i delivers a 24 x 7 monitoring and auditing service, functioning as a vigilant presence within the company's IT ecosystem. It continuously analyzes and assesses the IT environment to identify potential vulnerabilities and security gaps.

With EDD-i as part of their team, companies can benefit from a dedicated IT Auditor who works tirelessly to safeguard their digital assets and protect against potential cyber threats.

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24 x 7 Continuous  Analysis Monitoring:

In the dynamic world of IT, proactive measures are vital to safeguard against cyber threats. EDDi's advanced monitoring ensures constant scanning of every computer in your network, promptly identifying and addressing vulnerabilities. With EDDi, enjoy peace of mind knowing your network is secure and resilient, with threats swiftly managed before they escalate.


Automated Auditing Ticketing: 

EDDi streamlines the remediation process by automatically generating help desk tickets for each identified vulnerability. These tickets contain detailed information about the vulnerability, including its description, impact, and recommended remediation steps. By automating this task, EDDi ensures that IT professionals can quickly access the necessary information to address vulnerabilities without delay.

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Cost Effective Remediation:

With help desk tickets generated automatically and vulnerabilities organized by priority, IT professionals can remediate issues swiftly and efficiently. This streamlined process minimizes the time required to address vulnerabilities, reducing the window of exposure to potential threats and enhancing overall system security.


Crafted for Excellence, by Experts

Root cause problem solving is our passion - that's why we're IT Auditors!

EDD-i represents the culmination of multiple solutions, packaged into a user-friendly platform. While it's easy to use and understand, its impact on a company's operations is profound and far-reaching.


Let us be your partner in achieving sustainable success. Experience the transformative power of EDD-i and unlock your company's full potential.

All-In-One IT Auditing Toolkit

Data Security

Unmatched Design


Trusted by Industry Innovators


EDDi is a top choice for businesses that are looking for innovative solutions and unmatched expertise in IT auditing and security.


By choosing EDDi, you can join the ranks of industry leaders who rely on the company to protect their digital assets, drive innovation, and stay ahead of the curve in today's dynamic technological landscape.

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Hire EDDi

"Consider hiring EDD-i, a virtual IT auditor, for your business needs."

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, maintaining a robust IT infrastructure is paramount for the success and security of your business. As your Virtual IT Auditor, EDDi brings a wealth of benefits to the table, ensuring that your systems are not just compliant but optimized for peak performance and fortified against cyber threats. Here's why you should choose EDDi as your trusted partner:

  • Advanced Automation

  • Proactive Risk Management

  • Real-Time Insights

  • Scalability and Flexibility

  • Peace of Mind.

User Edition

EDD-i: User Edition



Every month

Don't leave securing your data up to chance. Experience the EDDi advantage of stability, security and safety.

Valid for 12 months
+ 5 day free trial

Know the security status of a computer is in near real-time

Have Peace of Mind



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